I know we’ve all heard the slogan “You are what you think about most”. It’s a crazy concept to grasp but your mind really dictates your reality. What you think about most is what your life will manifest into. The neat thing about the mind is that it doesn’t care what you plant in it, however whatever it is that you plant is what you will see sprout in your reality. There is a practice called neuroplasticity where science has proven our ability to rewire our own brains, through changing our thought patterns and engaging in practices like meditation. Imagine that, you can literally program yourself for success. Who wouldn’t take advantage of that? Positive thinking is imperative. Nobody is going to be positive 100% of the time, we’re human, but making an effort to shift your perspective consistently is going to impact your life in ways you can’t imagine. Take care of yourself, show gratitude in all situations, stop worrying, eliminate negative thoughts, and transition from the taker to the giver. These are all essential cornerstones of positive thinking. All in all if you believe it, the battle is already won. Change your thoughts to change your life.

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