Don’t just get up with the people, rise before the people and that alone begins to set you apart. Waking up after noon just because you have the day off, or don’t have to be at work until late isn’t the most impressive thing. Working early isn’t for everyone so don’t pursue that route if it doesn’t suit you, but humans are built to rise when the sun comes up. Make that conscious effort to be more human, and you’ll start to realize right away that your days are more productive simply because you have more time in them. Rising before everyone else will give you time to yourself to not only develop your mind to grow daily but start putting those pieces together to build your personal empire. This morning time is key. It’s a great time to workout with a clear mind, fuel your body with proper foods, and enhance your mind. How you prepare for each day adds up. It’s a marathon so just keep stacking the small success until they amount to massive success. If you were running for president, would you jump right into election day, without any campaigning, with sweatpants on, having slept in until 1pm? Nope. So get up and lets attack each day in that fashion.

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