Throughout the course of my life, I can vividly recall many rock bottom scenarios. My parents separating, losing loved ones, breakups, not getting a scholarship to my dream school, financial hardships, and being released by NFL teams after giving it my all. But honestly throughout it all, I’ve learned so many valuable life lessons that I’ll never give back.

1.Only Way to Go is Up

While rock bottom for every person is different, there is one thing that holds true when you hit it. You’re there. You’ve reached that point where you can’t go any lower. This means one thing, and that is that the odds are no in your favor. You have one direction you can go and that up. You can build that amazing life you’ve dreamed starting from the foundation up so lets build.

  1. Be Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

The most consistent thing in life is change. Good thing about that is that as humans we grow the most when we are faced with some type of change. When you use the changes that life throws at you in the correct way, you become an unstoppable force.

  1. The Best Things in Life are FREE

Strange but the things that we get for free in life we place little value on. Your mind is one of those things. When hitting rock bottom, I was finally at a point where I could see value in the free things life has to offer. The sky, the oceans, hearing the wind blow, talking to friends and getting advice, giving advice, telling the people you love that you love them, smiling, laughing, writing, and reading. Start to place more value on these things and life will begin to shift.

  1. Confronting Issues

When you hit that low point, it forces you to look back at all the decisions you’ve made and see where you’ve went wrong. It’s like you must use a magnifying glass to depict everything about the life you’ve previously lived. You lean so many things through this process that allows you to enter a space where you never go back.

  1. The Choice is Yours

You have a choice on how you chose to respond to a rock bottom scenario. You can either choose to confront it head on or make excuses and blame others for the situation. There will be things that you can change, and things that you can’t. Where you channel your energy is going to determine the direction your life goes in next. Regardless always be realistic with yourself, and real results will follow.

  1. What Do You Have to Lose?

When you have nothing, you have nothing to lose. Your safety net is gone so leap out. That business that you always wanted to start but found excuses not to. That book you always said you would write years down the line. The trips you always wanted to just take a backpack and go on. Nothing is stopping you from doing those things, and you will find yourself through the process of doing them. Just begin with action towards them and let the ripple effect take place.


Let your rock bottom moment be the catapult to your success. Let it define you but only in a positive way. You can only go up, but how high will you go?




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