There is something that I figured out quite some time ago and it’s really the opposite of what often time is promoted. I’ve realized that success is never really “self-made”. As much as we hear it, it’s just a big myth. You can be responsible for a dream that leads you to success, but rarely if ever will you be able to put that dream in action alone. What you’ll realize is that we need each other. We need a good mentor, we need those missionaries to run with.  Trying to do it all by yourself will eventually just build a big hole. The biggest asset for you would be to build a team. Being a solopreneur is great if it suits you in the beginning, but trying to do everything by yourself when you grow to the point that it’s really stressing you out is no way to run a business. You never want to put on yourself more than you can handle, and the problem is sometimes we don’t know how much it is that we can’t handle until it’s too late. To become a true leader, you will not be defined by leading just your life, but putting others or your team on the path to greatness and crossing the finish line with them.

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