via Daily Prompt: Elixir


The life of every person is made up of a variable of components. Each life is different and those components even vary more often than not. These components should be close to your core values and that makes up your elixir. For me my personal elixir consists of love, family, and giving. I feel that if i focus everything i do around those principals there is no way that i can fail.

Love has a different definition depending on who you ask but for me it is an expression of affection. Doesn’t always have to be me simply saying the words to you but rather a feeling that is spread from an action directly related to the person intended. Love truly makes each day better and it looks great on people. I love myself first and foremost and i believe that the first step in loving others. If you can love the person you see in the mirror each day then loving others is comes easy.

Family is a backbone for me and it helps me establish my why. When you have a great support system behind you it gives you a level of confidence that cant be put into words. It allows you to face your fears without even thinking twice about it and the results follow. Allow me to add family doesn’t always have to be related to you by blood, they just have to have a bond with you that cant be broken over the smaller invaluable things in life.

Giving is the last component of my elixir. I believe that giving is essential and it makes the heart happy. I strive to give more of myself each and every day of my life. Giving of my time, talents or treasure. All that you have is for a bigger purpose that you. Its given to you with responsibility to uplift others. Give to give and never regret or give for ulterior moments, it should come from the heart always.

Figure out what components make up your elixir and build those up. Don’t ever compare yours to anyone else’s because it doesn’t fit you.

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