Fear Of Being Judged a Real Thing?

Fear Of Being Judged a Real Thing?

Fear of judgment is a big thing. Many people argue that the fear of not being liked is one of the greatest human fears. I’d have to agree with this, because the larger of a presence you become, and the more visibility you are willing to show up for, the more you are apt to deal with people projecting their own pains and insecurities onto you. In other words, haters and judgment. You have to become rock solid in knowing that when other people judge you or where you’ve been, it’s really not about you. They have their own stories. It can take time and effort, but if you can look at everyone in this light, you become a lot less phased by the prospect of being judged. I believe its definitely a big hurdle, bigger in some aspects for others but nonetheless one that we can and have to get over in order to become the best YOU.




Your word is your value.Sometimes your image is more potent than your word itself. If you want to be seen as a leader, act like one in all ways. That isn’t limited to what you’ve built. The physical manifestations of success, and material wealth, pale in comparison to the growth in character you experience when you understand what it means to build something of value. If you create something that will impact the lives of others, inevitably, it will impact your life in incredible ways as well. Stay in integrity. Speak with intention. Act with reality.




There will be long days of despair

Those ones when you spend half the night trying to sleep

The days you cant see the shore

Because Life”s waters are so deep


When you see the ships go by

And you get washed away like you’re in a canoe

Those times when its easy to panic

But the answer is within you


So why would you give up

And sink like a capsized boat

If you take a minute and relax

Like a rubber duckie, you too will float


So gather yourself

Weed out the negative like a sift

No need to drown

When without effort you can stay adift




I use to sit and imagine the fame

Sometimes envision the glory

When you get it however its never the same

Almost like reading a different story


Or maybe just turning the page

To live happily ever after

But you slow that process down

Being stuck on previous chapters


But always keep moving forward

You never know how far you can actually go

Even when the road gets cluttered

Its ok to move slow


Just Envision it before it happens

You’re already victorious

We just have to stop playing small

And Dream BIG, like the late great Notorious







Just a 5K right?

Just a 5K right?


It was the morning to run my first 5k and i have to admit i was kinda nervous, even though i knew it wasn’t a “serious’ race nor was i running for time. It’s an idea that has become fixed in our culture: The marathon is a serious race. A 5K is a “fun run,” a jog, a walk in the park. I get it. Five kilometers, or 3.1 miles, is a distance that almost any healthy person can complete without too much training. As running races go, it’s a nice start.

These is definitely a starting point and i could see the feeling of satisfaction on the faces of many as they crossed the finish line. If you haven’t done one i suggest you give it a try. Aside from all of the health benefits you’ll get from doing it, its a great way to get the family together and just have fun. Allow me to add that they’re inexpensive and kid friendly.

Leap!!! You’ll find yourself on the way down

Leap!!! You’ll find yourself on the way down


I feel like being on the edge of a cliff is a good way to visualize a big decision in your life. The problem is procrastination sets in and even more so than that its the value placed on others opinions that succeeds that. I’ve noticed that when i just take that jump and act on my gut feeling I’m able to live with it and I’m usually happier with the outcome. If its something you want, go get it. Your waiting is only delaying where you want to be. When we were children we were scared of the dark. As we grow most people get scared of the light. Be bold and let your light shine.

Core Values

Core Values

Come up with a bullet point list of the words that you want to breed in your working environment, but also for doing business in general. Being clear about what motivates you and the kind of energy you want to facilitate within your team is an important way to maintain a supportive company culture. Think of the qualities you want your team members to explore, what’s important to you, and what you’d like your company to represent. Creativity? Innovation? Flexibility? Balance? Consistency? You can invite people to add a word or two of their own, have a dialogue around it, and see if any suggestions come to the fore for how you can lean more in one direction or the other. By doing this everyone is on the same page and walking in congruence towards the goal. This alone motivates everyone to always do the right thing. Sometimes what you believe is right isn’t but when its done with a justifiable and pure intention you can recover.