It was the morning to run my first 5k and i have to admit i was kinda nervous, even though i knew it wasn’t a “serious’ race nor was i running for time. It’s an idea that has become fixed in our culture: The marathon is a serious race. A 5K is a “fun run,” a jog, a walk in the park. I get it. Five kilometers, or 3.1 miles, is a distance that almost any healthy person can complete without too much training. As running races go, it’s a nice start.

These is definitely a starting point and i could see the feeling of satisfaction on the faces of many as they crossed the finish line. If you haven’t done one i suggest you give it a try. Aside from all of the health benefits you’ll get from doing it, its a great way to get the family together and just have fun. Allow me to add that they’re inexpensive and kid friendly.

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