There will be long days of despair

Those ones when you spend half the night trying to sleep

The days you cant see the shore

Because Life”s waters are so deep


When you see the ships go by

And you get washed away like you’re in a canoe

Those times when its easy to panic

But the answer is within you


So why would you give up

And sink like a capsized boat

If you take a minute and relax

Like a rubber duckie, you too will float


So gather yourself

Weed out the negative like a sift

No need to drown

When without effort you can stay adift




I use to sit and imagine the fame

Sometimes envision the glory

When you get it however its never the same

Almost like reading a different story


Or maybe just turning the page

To live happily ever after

But you slow that process down

Being stuck on previous chapters


But always keep moving forward

You never know how far you can actually go

Even when the road gets cluttered

Its ok to move slow


Just Envision it before it happens

You’re already victorious

We just have to stop playing small

And Dream BIG, like the late great Notorious